Selling Your House to a Utah Investor

As an Utah home owner, you have several options once you have actually chosen to sell your house. In fact, you have many more options then you realize. However, right here is where homeowners become little trapped: they tend to simply focus on WAYS to sell their house. While that is necessary, you can’t neglect the other piece of the puzzle: Who will be the individual buying it?

Ways to Sell Your House Fast In Utah

Let’s go back to the beginning and focus on the first question: how to sell your home. Certainly, the most apparent answer for a lot of folks is to list their residence with a licensed real estate broker. For most house sellers, this option might be the best decision. As long as you don’t have any type of concerns such as a foreclosure or a job transfer where you need the money ASAP, placing your residence on the marketplace for 3-12 months may work out eventually. Nevertheless, all of us know that not everyone falls under that scenario. Some people, because of the above mentioned foreclosure, probate, separation, costly repairs or various other situations, do need to sell their house ASAP and don’t have time to play around on the MLS with open house after open house. For these sorts of sellers, we’re proud to flex our muscles and  buy your residence straight from you. As home buyers, it’s what we do. And that’s one of the huge benefits of offering your home to an investor: quickness of getting your home sold and without any inconveniences. The various other benefits include:

  • Not paying any real estate commissions
  • Not having to make any repairs on the house
  • Keeping the sale private – not having to keep the house clean and no open houses

Another choice is the FSBO– For Sale by Owner. This is where you have to do all the massive lifting, from marketing through negotiation and coordinating the transaction with the home inspectors, appraisers and the  title company. It’s no small matter and most people aren’t able to handle it all the way to the end.

Who’s your Buyer?

Keep in mind in the beginning of this post where I discussed that 2nd inquiry? Think about who is most likely to  Is it the guaranteed sale? Selling fast? Not having to make any repairs? This is where selling your house to an Utah investor can have marvelous benefits. Trying to sell to a buyer who needs to get a mortgage, however, presents a big problem in the side of that. Only you can decide what option best suits your needs. Contact us anytime to discuss your property, and we’ll see if we’re the right fit for your needs.

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