4 Staging Tips To Help You Sell Fast in Salt Lake City

Properly staging your home is key when you are trying to sell your house in Salt Lake City. Many people think this will cost a fortune on decorations and upgrades, but there are many ways to do this without breaking the bank. With a little time and effort, make your home stand out, look gorgeous and beautiful..We’ve put together some of the best staging tips to help you sell fast!

Hide The Clutter & Personal Items.

You want the house to look like a “home” but people don’t want to see your laundry in the washer. One more thing to remember, too many personal pictures or items can make potential buyers feel as if they are intruding.

Limit personal items like photographs, backpacks, paperwork, and purses . Instead put out some books, bouquet of flowers or other interesting items. Make them feel as if it could be their home the moment they walk in the door.

The sooner they feel comfortable the better, as if it were a home they could see themselves living in.

Appeal To All The Senses.

When someone comes to your house for a showing, it’s about more than what they see with their eyes. The Emotional side always plays a big role in how people will see your home.

Consider playing some music softly in the background. Or maybe have a candle burning that smells like freshly baked cookies or clean linens. Have a cozy and soft snuggle blanket folded up nicely on the couch. If you do these things, it will make your home feel cozy, and encourage home buyers to spend more time in the home. Possibly making you an offer!

If you choose to do these things, it will make your home feel nice and cozy.  Encourage those who are looking at the home to stick around for awhile. Possibly making you an offer!

Give Each Room a Purpose.

Do you have a space that is used for many things? Clean it up, and make it appear as if it only has one focus.

For example, a office/guest room can subconsciously make the purchaser feel as if the home is smaller or cramped and lacking enough space.

Instead, make it very clear that the room is a guest bedroom OR an office. If you have a space that is not utilized very well, consider making it something fun like a game room or library. It doesn’t matter if you use the home this way or not, creating the definition of spaces will make the buyer feel less confused about the spaces they are working with and allow them to more easily imagine themselves living there.

Even if you don’t use the home in that manner, creating a theme for the room will make the buyer feel less confused about the spaces they are working with and allow them to more easily imagine themselves living there.

Spend a Day Deep Cleaning and Making Small Repairs.

Do you have a crooked shelf? Or a squeaky step? Maybe a leaky faucet? You might have small fixes you can make by yourself for a reasonable cost.

Touch-ups on painted walls, dings or wholes in the wall or a power wash to the driveway can really make a difference on appearance to the home for your prospective buyers.

It is a good idea to rake the leaves, wipe down the baseboards, and get those stains out of the carpet. Remember, they will be looking in every corner of your house as they walk through.

Don’t let them get so caught up looking at an uneven fan, that they miss the beauty of your breakfast nook. You will probably find things to repair you hadn’t even noticed before!

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