Advantages of Selling Your Home Yourself in Salt Lake City

The majority of people think you have to have an agent to sell your home, but we want to show you why you don’t. We’re going to share with you the advantages of selling your home yourself!

The first one might be a bit obvious, but….


Most Realtors charge 6%+ upon the closing of your home, even if you end up finding a buyer for your home. This will be added on to the agent fees, office fees, marketing fees, photography costs, etc, etc. When you sell your home directly, you will save yourself THOUSANDS.

Of course you will have to advertise and show your home, but when have moved into a new house, having additional cash from the sell can save you plenty of stress! There will always be extra costs when you move, that’s just part of life. And keeping some hard earned money in your pocket will make everything go smoother.

You Run The Show

You don’t want showings this Saturday? Okay, don’t schedule any. When you are working with an agent, often times they will be the one calling the shots. Remember you own the home, but if you list or hire an agent to sell your home, (hopefully) they will do their job and bring lots of people to see it.

Remember you will also have weekend showings where you’ll be asked to leave, evening showings, etc. All of these can occur at the drop of a dime, so always keep your home in tip-top shape just in case while it is on the market.

Your Terms, Your Way

One thing to always remember is that an agent will always be looking at what they will make when the home sells. Know going into it that the agent may stand firm on the sales price in offers where you might be open to negotiation. Remember even if you are want to sell badly, a real estate agent is going to be trying to make as much as possible. Do they really have your best interest when they think you haves money laying on the table?

In addition, you can decide all of the dates. When the new buyer will be able to move in, when you will be out, when you close, etc.. You can set the terms as to what you will fix, what you won’t, and how much you are willing to spend to fix things. When you decide to sell the home by yourself, you make all the decisions when it comes to the contract, without any influence from an agent who may only have their best interest in mind.

Few Cash Sales Fall Through

One of the most used saying you will hear in real estate is, “cash is king.” If you are able to find a cash buyer for your home, you will save ample of time and money. Most closings will occur in a week or so as opposed to 1 to 2 months when you work with a bank. Remember the cash buyer won’t be waiting to secure financing. A cash buyer will pay directly, without any red-tape from the banks. Most cash deals hardly ever fall through and you end up saving a fortune on repairs, staging, and other sales related expenses.

Selling your home yourself will save you a lot of time which equals to money more money you will save. Another thing to remember is  all the cash you will save on taxes, utilities, insurance and the mortgage by selling your home faster! Although a cash offer sometimes might be la little bit lower than what you would list it for, many times you end up with more money after all because of all of the fees, commissions and other costs that will be taken out. Not to mention the stress and headaches of having your home on the market. (keep in mind of people driving by constantly some even will peek in your windows! It happens!)

When you want to sell your home and are ready to have no more stress, economically logical alternative, send us a message now! There is never any obligation! 

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