Selling a House that Needs Repairs in Salt Lake City

Selling a House that Needs Repairs in Salt Lake City
Do you need help selling a house that needs repairs in Salt Lake City? When you have a home that needs a lot of repairs, it can be hard to figure out whether to put money into what needs fixing or  find a buyer who will do the repairs themselves.

This can be difficult to do since most buyers are reluctant to purchase a house with multiple repairs needed.

How to Present it to a Buyer

If you are selling a property with out of date materials or has a lot of repair issues, here area few suggestions on how to handle it:

  • Be upfront with all buyers about what needs to be repaired and find out what it would cost by doing a little research so you can offer them a free estimate. Show them how you have deducted the sales price for this amount.
  • Give buyers a list of handyman and other contractors that you have dealt with and show them how to contact them. This way, the buyer will realize how easy the process is and will be able to start repairing the home after settlement.
  • Discuss whether the repairs are a safety issue or will add value to the house. Buyers want a good deal or want to know that the house they are considering in buying is worth what they are going to pay for it or if the value will be worth more in the future. It may not be a bad idea that if the repairs are done correctly the value will go down so it maybe a better idea to just come down on the sales price.

If Buyers Aren’t Will to Buy Due to The Repairs Needed

There are times when you’ll find buyers who simply won’t purchase your house if it is in need of repairs. When come across these types of buyers, you are better off to negotiate some type of deal like throwing in extra items such as furniture, gift certificates, home warranty or other perks. Lowering the sales price doesn’t hurt either. Houses are in need of significant repairs may not appeal to buyers because of the added costs that they may not be able to afford once they are in the home.

A Great Idea: Have A Real Estate Investor Buy It

One of the most important thing that a real estate investor can provide is that they don’t care if the house has repairs. Real estate investment companies, will not be living in the house so they aren’t worried about how much it will set them back. If the home is being purchased with cash or there is no financing involved, a lot of investors won’t order a  home inspector.

Investors have the money to pay and make the repairs necessary so they can resell the house for a profit that will more than pay for the investment they put into it. Real estate investors, unlike real estate agents, don’t get a cut or commission of the sale. It is not a career for them. It is a business decision. Most are very familiar with the market or real estate industry and they know how to make a profit from their decisions and purchases.

When or if you are selling a house that is in need of repairs in Salt Lake City, you need a real estate professional on your side like a home buying investor who knows and understands how to make the most out of your properties potential. They know that every house will require some repairs and they are willing to put in money on your house in order to make a bigger profit down the road.

Selling My House that Needs Repairs in [market city]: The Goal

The goal of selling a house that needs repairs is to have a successful sale. If you call up the help of a real estate investor, you will increase your chances of a success a 1000% every time. They have the means to invest in your house and crews to get in and out for any repairs the home may need. is a true company that creates win-win situations for everyone.

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