4 Ways YourPriceMyTerms.com is Helping Home Buyers and Sellers in Salt Lake City

Across the board, all sorts of businesses are responding to an ever-evolving marketplace, and real estate is no different; thus, from the dynamics of the inner workings of the real estate market arose the hybrid agent. Hybrid agents like those at YourPriceMyTerms.com are a combination of local professional property investors and local real estate agents. The hybrid agents at YourPriceMyTerms.com are passionate about helping sellers who don’t quite fit into the traditional listing process, so they step in as investors. However, these hybrid agents are also highly educated and seasoned professional real estate agents, experts in helping home buyers and sellers in Salt Lake City. 


The hybrid agents at YourPriceMyTerms.com are helping home buyers and sellers in the Salt Lake City real estate market by offering a convenient one-stop shop with three options for sellers. The hybrid agents have a vast network of connections that pay off for home buyers and sellers by providing an inventory of the best homes available in Salt Lake City. The hybrid agents at YourPriceMyTerms.com work with the most highly regarded skilled tradespeople and professionals from every walk of the industry and a full-service in-house team of industry specialists, including every pro needed to provide home buyers and sellers with a smooth process.


Hybrid agents at YourPriceMyTerms.com acting as real estate agents will first detail your anticipated timeline, expenses, commissions, fees and professional and marketing charges you can expect by listing with them. Then, as a seller, you can expect your hybrid agent at YourPriceMyTerms.com to act as a real estate agent to provide you with the most up-to-date marketing. Your hybrid agent will hire professionals such as digital photographers and stagers to help bring out the full potential of the listing and bring Salt Lake City home buyers to your door, helping you sell at the highest possible price. 

Direct Sale

Or, acting as an investor, the hybrid agents at YourPriceMyTerms.com pay cash for homes as-is. Selling directly to a hybrid agent at YourPriceMyTerms.com provides sellers with speedy closings, typically in days, with a guaranteed closing date. Or, if you prefer to select a specific closing date, just talk to your agent. make real estate transactions quick, easy, and convenient working with the hybrid agents at YourPriceMyTerms.com as direct home buyers. They will compare what you could profit by listing with them as an agent from YourPriceMyTerms.com to selling directly to them as a professional investor, with an offer that you’ll agree is fair because you’ll have all the details in your hands. At YourPriceMyTerms.com, it’s vital to the hybrid agents at YourPriceMyTerms.com and every member of our team that you make an educated decision about the best option for selling. At YourPriceMyTerms.com, we want you to feel good about working with us, your neighbors here in Salt Lake City, long after you’ve left the closing table with your cash. 

Hybrid Option

Or, combing both into a hybrid sales option, acting as real estate agents, the hybrid agents at YourPriceMyTerms.com will first determine the current market value and work for commission on this amount. Then, the hybrid agents at YourPriceMyTerms.com acting as an investor will step into the fix-and-flip mode, taking on the risks, expenses, and job of repairs or total renovation, splitting the difference earned on the sale above the original market value with you fairly.

There’s no obligation to talk to one of our experienced hybrid agents at YourPriceMyTerms.com about your home and situation. Why not talk to a hybrid agent from YourPriceMyTerms.com and find out how they are helping buyers and sellers in Salt Lake City and experience the difference that working with a hybrid agent makes? Call YourPriceMyTerms.com at (801) 441-2800 .

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