4 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Listing With An Agent In Salt Lake City

Selling your Salt Lake City house through an agent? Make sure you read this blog post that reveals 4 mistakes you should avoid when listing with an agent in Salt Lake City…

If you’re looking to sell your Salt Lake City house, or if you’re an agent who is selling houses in Salt Lake City then here are 4 mistakes you should avoid when listing with a seller in Salt Lake City…

First, Don’t Assume That You Can Sell Right Away

One thing is for sure and that is the market varies, you never know when it may shift from one day to the next, depending on a number of factors. So make sure you set realistic timelines about how long it will take to sell.

If you are a seller, always think of the worse and hope for the best. Sometimes it will take months for the sales process to be completed – from fixing up the house to showing buyers to negotiating to setting a closing date to moving out. If you are an real estate agent, be careful not to tell the sellers that they will be able to close on a certain date when you don’t have a contract, even then it is no guarantee – set their expectations.

Second, Don’t Assume That The Asking Price Will Be The Selling Price

Mistakes you should avoid when listing with an agent in Salt Lake CityThe asking price is the starting point in the sales process – it establishes what a seller wants to sell for.

If you are a seller, one thing is for sure is the actual selling price might be different than the asking price. If you’re an agent, make sure you explain this to your sellers.

Third, Don’t Assume All The Money Goes Right Into Your Pocket

Several people make the mistake that the selling price (minus anything they owe on their mortgage) is pure profit. But this is not true.

If you are a seller, be aware that selling the house isn’t free. There will be real estate agent commissions, closing costs, and other fees you’ll have to pay. When you are with the seller and you’re a real estate agent, make sure you explain to your customers.

Fourth, Don’t Assume That The First Offer Will Go Through

Buyers often make offers and then discover that they can’t get financing for some reason.

If you are a seller, be prepared to have one or two buyers fall through before a buyer can be found. Rule of thumb for any real estate agent, make sure you prepare your sellers ahead of time that sometimes the buyer may not be able to get their financing.


Whether you’re a home owner looking to sell your property, or you’re a real estate professional who is representing the sellers, these are 4 common mistakes that can happen during the sales process – so make sure you’re aware of them.

Are you thinking about selling? Are you an agent who is representing sellers?

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